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Our Story

Our Story

Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry began in 1980 buying and selling gold and silver on Spring Street in Macon, Ga. After three short years and to best serve his customers, Stephen Bashinski began his overseas travels to buy diamonds and precious gems. It has been through the tutelage of a mentor, Stephen’s natural talent and passion for his business, as well as his desire to provide the finest quality gems and service for any customer’s budget that has shaped the mission, image, and message of Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry forever.

For 40-years, Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry has been the custom jewelry store in Middle Georgia while also boasting clients from all over the United States. To make the jewelry dreams of any budget come true, our team of highly skilled professionals use the latest technology and techniques. At the same time, each diamond and gem are individually selected and purchased by Stephen Bashinski himself. We specialize in diamond, precious, and semi-precious jewelry of all styles, and we pride ourselves in making new heirlooms from your existing pieces.

Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry is also now the place where Middle Georgia gets engaged. We stock many finished engagement rings from solitaires to halos in different shapes and sizes, including rounds, pears, ovals, and more. At Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry, we LOVE our color story, and the latest trend of colored gems as engagement ring centers is our favorite, and of course, we have those too!

We also offer a full-service in-house repair shop, and our team is trained to clean and inspect each of your valued items that you entrust with us, and all repairs are done by our master jeweler.

At Bashinski Fine Gems and Jewelry, we know our biggest asset is you, and keeping that always top of mind, we pledge to seek to make your every encounter with us, whether in-store or online, exceed your expectations. After all, “It says more when it says Bashinski” defines our service as well as our quality.