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The 4 C's of Diamonds

As you begin your search for the perfect diamond, it is important to consider the cut, color, clarity and carat, or the four C’s of the diamond. Each of these characteristics play an important role in the value and beauty of a diamond. At Bashinski, we hand select our diamonds to ensure our customers receive only the best combination of these characteristics at the best value possible.


Of the four Cs, cut is perhaps the most important factor affecting a diamond’s overall quality and beauty. A diamond’s brightness, or its brilliance, is determined by how much light is reflected back to your eyes. A well cut, well-proportioned diamond evenly reflects and refracts light within the diamond, thereby producing an eye-catching, fiery spectrum of color. At Bashinski, we select only the best cut diamonds for our customers.


The measurement of a diamond’s color ranges from colorless to slightly tinted. However, discerning the subtle differences between color grades can be almost impossible with the naked eye.  A letter scale ranging from D to Z, such as the GIA professional color scale, was created to assist in distinguishing a diamond’s color grade. The majority of Bashinski diamonds range from H to I to deliver a sought-after presentation in all of our crafted jewelry designs. 


The clarity grade measures the number, color, size and location of natural imperfections, or inclusions, that are found within and on the surface of a diamond. Naturally, these imperfections have an impact on the value of a diamond. Majority of Bashinski diamonds have few inclusions, if any, with most being invisible to the naked eye.

Carat Weight

A carat is a unit of measure for diamonds where one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. This measurement is referred to as the carat weight and is used to determine a diamond’s size. Bashinski diamonds are available at any carat weight and are truly spectacular in all aspects.