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Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

The round brilliant cut diamond has become the most commonly selected diamond for engagement rings. Over centuries, diamond cutters have worked to perfect the cut of this diamond to intensify the sparkle and fire with which we have fallen in love.


The radiant cut diamond combines the outline of an emerald shape with the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant diamond. This shape can be elongated or square and is one of the most modern shapes that delivers the closest amount of sparkle to the round brilliant. 


The oval shape diamond is a new look for the classic round brilliant. With the glistening facets and the elongated shape, an illusion of appearing larger in size is created. Its beauty has drawn a recent crowd to love this diamond shape.


The asscher cut diamond is similar to the emerald cut in that it is a step-cut diamond, allowing beautiful reflections of light. With a square shape and cut corners, it delivers a unique appearance that has had a recent rise in popularity and is perfect for the modern or vintage bride.


The pear shape diamond is cut in the form of a teardrop – tapered to a point with facets producing sparkle within the diamond. With its elongated shape and the point facing your fingertip, it appears larger and your finger appears slimmer when worn.


The cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangle shape with rounded edges and large facets making it truly shine. As its design has been perfected over centuries, beginning as the old mine cut, it is a timeless and romantic selection for your bride.


The emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape with cut corners and displays incredible reflections of light due to its step-cut facets. With its open table, its clarity is highlighted and esteemed. As the most popular of step-cut diamonds, it is adored for its sophistication and stunning appearance.


The marquise cut diamond displays a larger surface area than any other diamond due to its elongated shape and curved center. This exceptional cut assists in maximizing the apparent size of the diamond while elongating and complimenting the finger—making it an elegant and desired choice.


The princess cut diamond is either a square or rectangular in shape with four pointed corners with a multitude of facets displaying its distinctive sparkle. With a recent surge in popularity, this diamond cut is certain to be admired by all who catch sight of it.